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Helmet Standards Quick View

A Helmet Seems it was a Simply item We get them easily and wear it often We though we knew about the Helmets But Do you know What are the Helmet standards and its testing item Different Country has dif ... Read More


ASTM International is known as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) but has truly become an organization committed to developing international standards. The organizations F 1447 bicyc ... Read More


CPSC / (CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY COMMISSION) Required by U.S. Law Since March 10th of 1999 all bicycle helmets sold in the United States have been required to pass the CPSC helmet standard. Prior to tha ... Read More


A Common Ski/Snowboard Standard in America Though there are no laws in the United States requiring skiers or snowboarders to wear helmets helmet use has nevertheless become increasingly popular. Many o ... Read More

Signs You Need A New Helmet

1 Helmet Age How old is your helmet? if you have worn your helmet for over 5 years, then it might be time to replace it. But why should you replace your helmet every 5 years? After 5 years of consisten ... Read More

How to Fit a Bicycle Helmet

1. Adjust the fit pads or ring Many helmets use a fitting ring rather than side pads for adjustment. With these one-size-fits-all models you begin by adjusting the size of the ring. Some of them may re ... Read More

HF002-L EC Type Examination Certificate

Pok Tyrone Ltd EC Type Examination Certificate ... Read More

HF002-S EC Type Examination Certificate

Pok Tyrone Ltd HF002-L EC Type Examination Certificate ... Read More

HF002-M EC Type Examination Certificate

Pok Tyrone Ltd HF002-M EC Type Examination Certificate ... Read More


Different Anvils for Different Accidents While its impossible to replicate all of the items your head may come into contact with during a real-world crash, standards require that helmets be dropped upo ... Read More


While this standard has been in existence longer than other cycling helmet standards profiled here relatively few helmets meet Snells 1995 B-95 standard. This is generally true for at least two reasons ... Read More

CSA Z263.1 Snow

Canadas Ski/Snowboard Standard At present there are no government-mandated legal standards for snow sport helmets in Canada. Consequently CSA Z263.1 is a voluntary ski and snowboard helmet standard cre ... Read More