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A Helmet, Seems it was a Simply item, We get them easily and wear it often, We though we knew about the Helmets,  But do you know what are the Helmet standards and it's testing item?

Different country has different Law and standards, the developed area require higher standards and more rigorous tests than other-where else.


Pok Tyrone Ltd is a China Helmet Factory,  We found it have about 10 Helmet Standards and 6 Passed Examination Certificates and test reports which from official testing Labs, the Standards such like EURO EN1077, CE EN1078, HF002 EC TYPE EXAMINATION CERTIFICATE, the Standards ASTM F2040 SNOW, SNELL B-95 BICYCLE, ASTM F1952 BICYCLE ect.

So When you buy a Helmet, please make sure it was from a trust Helmet Factory just like Pok Tyrone Ltd was.  and please note that do not buy and wear any helmet which unknown source, it may not protect you well, cause injure when accident happen.

At the End, Let see what the Qualified Helmet looks like.

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