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Intelligent helmet previvew

Intelligent helmet solution
In order to protect the rider safe, it is very important to wear a helmet. As a smart helmet, it not only protects the head safety of riders, but also included hi-tech function. Therefore, many consumers are beginning to worry that does this smart helmet need many buttons or complex APP , will it be difficult to operate? The human development has always been to make life more convenient. Smart helmets are the same that will only make your riding easier and more fun.
Many users may think that the concept of intelligence is still far away from their life,  but it is not that far. This smart helmet can be fit and suitable for different types of people.
The introduction of smart helmet:
1. Voice collection;
2. Video image acquisition;
3. Data transmission;
4. GPS Positioning; (accurately monitor the position of the wearer)
5, Camera zoom function;
6, HD 720P video record,
7, Bluetooth connection;
8, thermal imaging;
9, night vision;
10, 4G net work (will upgrade to 5G in future) .

Helmet was not a simple helmet any more, it being a system, safe protection, recording your happy time, real time image.  It will be a strong gear for us all!

THE POK TYRONE LTD as a Helmet factory, researching/ design new style new function new structure new material for future helmets. 


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